jueves, 10 de enero de 2013


*What is it?

A loom is a machine for weave, they can be build of lots of materials for example:of wood, of metal....

And can be handicrafts or industrial.

*What we use it for?

We use a loom for weave clothes, sock, scarf and somethings to weave.

*Home made loom

If you want to do a loom but you don´t no to do it, you need this steps for do your own loom and this materials: 


 A frame, thread and nails.

2. Steps

First you hammer the nails you have in the frame. Second the thread you have put in a corner of the frame, then you pass to all the nails and finish in the oder corner of the frame. 

Things made loom up with looms

Things that do a loom can be socks, purse, shirt and more things.

Images of looms


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